Professional Voice Over Organizations

Voice overs actor struggle with the definition for a lot of different reasons. For instance, can a part-time VO be a professional?

Are VoiceOver Newbies Welcome?

Newcomers to the promise of voice-over success gotta start somewhere. Along the way, though, they can fall victim to predators, challenge compensation rates, and remind us of our own early beginnings.

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11 Signs You May Be a VO Pro

Does it matter?  Not really.  You don’t need ME to tell you if ‘n’ when you are a professional.  But increasingly, some people want to know if they’ve “made the grade”.  World-Voices Organization was inspired by the FaffCon criteria... read more

3 Mindsets Every Voice Actor Must Have

Maybe you’re noticing it too.  A total erosion of people taking the high road.I’m not just talking about politics.  I’m talking about business ethics.  Where is the civility anymore?Well, lemme tell you it IS there.  The people who CARE and LOVE and... read more

Are You a Pro? How Do You Know?

You may think that’s an elementary question.  There are plenty of arguments you could make to claim legitimacy as a professional voice actor. For instance, you might say you’re a professional voice-actor ’cause: you depend on it for part or all of... read more

Pro or No?

This may not matter to you, and I’m not sure it even matters to me, but the question keeps popping up, and probably deserves an answer for our maturing profession. What constitutes a “professional” voice actor? Maybe we fall into another a category... read more

Pick me! Pick me!

Legendary is the childhood schoolyard memory of anyone lining up on sides, and getting picked by a team captain. If you don’t go as a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd seed…let’s face — it you’re just an also-ran…or the wrong captain picks you, and... read more

VO Scholarship

MCA-I is an organization familiar to many a voice actor.  It stands for Media Communications Association – International, and likely there’s a branch near you. VO Peeps may also be a blog you’d also recognize.  It’s authored by SoCal’s... read more

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