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by | Mar 20, 2012 | Professional Voice Over Organizations

MCA-I is an organization familiar to many a voice actor.  It stands for Media Communications Association – International, and likely there’s a branch near you.

VO Peeps may also be a blog you’d also recognize.  It’s authored by SoCal’s Anne Ganguzza.

Well, MCA-I and VO Peeps…along with VOICE2012 (stay with me here) are collaborating to offer the first annual Career Education Scholarship Fund.

According to Anne’s blog:  “The Program provides  both need and merit-based scholarships to working voice-over artists, as well as those new to the business. Scholarship Awards may be given on a cash basis,  or in the form of product and/or educational services useful to a VO Professional.  The First Annual Scholarship will be awarded on May 15 to one deserving Voiceover professional and will consist of: One Full VIP registration for VOICE 2012! June 13-16, 2012.”

This event is seeking both applicants and donors.  I don’t see a downside, actually…somebody who really needs it gets a pass to VOICE2012, and you have the reassurance of knowing you helped a fellow professional.

Be sure and follow all the links in this article to get the facts.  Our thanks as well to James Alburger and Penny Abshire, too, for their donation of a pass to the VOICE2012 event to make all this possible.

Read Anne’s most recent blog about the scholarship for further info and links.

‘Love it when things come together like this!





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