The Nuances of VO Networking

No other word in Social Media, marketing, voiceover or business strategizing is more over-used than “networking”.You’ll hear people toss out that word like they actually know what it means:  “That conference will be a great place for ... read more

VOHeaven Workouts

A message from South Africa was the genesis for today’s blog post. I had just made FaceBook contact with Marinda Botha — a voice actor who lives in Centurion, in the Gauteng province of South Africa.  She had wanted to join my FaceBook Friends VO group,... read more

Pick me! Pick me!

Legendary is the childhood schoolyard memory of anyone lining up on sides, and getting picked by a team captain. If you don’t go as a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd seed…let’s face — it you’re just an also-ran…or the wrong captain picks you, and... read more

Part III, Your VO Social Media Plan

Repeat after me:  Voice Acting is a business…Voice Acting is a business…Voice Acting is a business. Yeah, it’s a fun business.  There are real ego-boosting moments.  It’s performance, it’s technology, it’s rubbing up against... read more

Part I, Your VO Social Media plan

Each day this week, I’ll contribute a new blog article in a 5-point plan to benefit your VO business in the Social Networks. This is not daunting, nor difficult.  It will require some time, esp. if you haven’t started yet, and it WILL require the real YOU... read more

Do What Works, Drop What Doesn’t

What works for your doesn’t always work for me…and vice versa. A comment on a VO forum recently noted that when seeking freelance VO jobs, it’s all about relationship.  He said that FaceBook, Twitter, and LinkedIn was a time-suck, and “if you... read more

PostOp on a Teleseminar

When do you become an “expert”? That word makes me uncomfortable. That’s why, when I started my teleseminar Saturday morning  (Leveraging Social Media for Your VoiceOver Business) on behalf of the VoiceOverDirectory, I began by saying I’m a fan... read more

Status Posting

‘Coupla days ago, I shuffled out loud through a few rambling thoughts here on this blog — like I NEVER do that! (see “…MushMind…”) Surprisingly, comments from three people I really admire, immediately popped up. My original musing... read more

Expanding the Brand

The whole gist of this social networking gig is to raise the level of awareness of your BRAND on the internet. It’s like swimming upstream most of the time, but every once in a while, you get a nod, and it feels good. John Pozadzides is a self-made-millionaire in his... read more

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