Expanding the Brand

by | Sep 30, 2009 | Branding, Networking, Op/Ed, Podcasts, Social/Professional Networking

The whole gist of this social networking gig is to raise the level of awareness of your BRAND on the internet.

It’s like swimming upstream most of the time, but every once in a while, you get a nod, and it feels good.

pozadzidesJohn Pozadzides is a self-made-millionaire in his 30’s who has the luxury of handing out those nods. 

He’s one of the founders of Woopra and many other Web2.0 achievements, but maybe is best known today as the author of ONE MAN’S BLOG.  (BTW, John is in Las Vegas as we speak for a PhotoShop convention).

For some unknown reason, I’ve managed to land on John’s good side, and he invited me to come onto his internet radio show: WealthNation.fm.  While I don’t think of myself as wealthy, I was honored to be part of a conversation with John and his cohorts on their show a couple of weeks ago. 

We talked about branding, and voice-acting, and entrepreneurship, and being on TV, and so forth.  You may actually enjoy listening to it….or not. 

Regardless, HERE is the link.  For all the interview is NOT…it IS another opportunity to further my brand in the matrix.




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