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Oh, The Things You Find on Craigslist!

Put yourself in the shoes of the person who needs a voice-actor.  Let’s say your boss told you to find someone to voice a web video for the company, and you’ve never had to find that sort of freelancer before. Where do you go? Aside from some obvious... read more

From Left Field: Talent Rights

That spot you just voiced?…the one you put your heart ‘n’ soul into, and NAILED it hands down? Yeah, that one.SO good that you not only landed the job, but now you’re starting to think the performance rises to the level of award-winning.There... read more

Vanessa Hart <3

Vanessa Hart; loved by many…audiobook narrator par excellence, VO coach, friend, and lover of life has reached the end of her Earthly path. You may leave messages for her family on her FaceBook page, which is being handled by her sister.... read more

Cipriano Makes Las Vegas Book Debut

Who in our voice-acting community doesn’t know and like Joe Cipriano?!  His affable demeanor is one cultivated over the years in a storied broadcast and voiceover career. When you get to Joe’s level of professionalism and tenure, it’s normal to look... read more


Adam Ablo contacted me yesterday to see if I’d be interested in re-printing an article he wrote about Mark Hamill of Star Wars fame.  He also wanted me to include a link to a studio his company is working with in London: goLocalise. I didn’t know Adam... read more


Advancers.  Teasers. Calendar markers. Call them what you will, I just want to remind you about some deadlines and dates that you may want to put on your schedule. Google Reader sunsets July 1st.  If you’re using this ubiquitous RSS Feed reader, please take the... read more

September is National Voice Over Month

The title for this blog is identical to one posted on August 25th. You wouldn’t believe what has happened since then. VO friend Peter O’Connell immediately picked-up on the idea and we both started dragging in other voice actors and we all asked ourselves:... read more

Voice Talent Production Site Launch

Erik Sheppard and his associates have launched the Voice Talent Production site.  Click HERE.  A lot of work has gone into the back-end of this enterprise, and I find myself extremely honored to be the company of the other talent here. Please take a moment... read more

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