September is National Voice Over Month

by | Aug 31, 2010 | Jus' So You Know

The title for this blog is identical to one posted on August 25th.

You wouldn’t believe what has happened since then.

VO friend Peter O’Connell immediately picked-up on the idea and we both started dragging in other voice actors and we all asked ourselves:  “Can we really make this happen in 5-6 days?”

Well, whether we’ve “…made it happen…” remains to be seen, but we’ve certainly given it a lot of effort.

The whole idea now has it’s own official logo, proclamation (Thanks to SaVoa), a News Release (see below), and a Website.  FaceBook page coming within the next day.  You’ll see it on VoiceOVerXtra, VU, and most VO Forums…chief among them:  VO-BB.

Why a National Voice Over Month? Isn’t it time?  I mean, how many nebulous, frivolous, and capricious organizations, animals, causes, and movements MUCH LESS IMPORTANT THAT VOICE OVERS have their own month….why can’t we have OURS!!!???

When you think about it…this is a chance for voice actors everywhere to explain what they do, take pride in their work, and shamelessly tout September as THEIR month.  When you think more about it, the event has promotional, marketing, and branding opportunities written all over it.

*Use the logo on your website.  It’ll bring questions.  You have answers.
*Send the News Release to the local media.
*Post tweets.
*Launch YouTube videos spreading the word.
*Encourage people to join the FaceBook page (check back, it’s coming later in the day 9/1/10)

We plan to expand on this theme throughout the month.  We may end up transforming it to “International”.  There will be opportunities for building on the event all during the month to maintain momentum (for instance, watch for some fun things to come out of FaffCon that will benefit BOTH events).

This does not belong to ANYBODY…rather, it belongs to EVERYBODY… make it yours too!

Happy Voice Over Month!



Contact:  Dave Courvoisier
C: 702-610-6288
E: [email protected]
Thom Wilkins
E: [email protected]

Voice Over Talent Celebrate September as
National VoiceOver Appreciation Month

(Las Vegas, NV  9-1-2010)

A host of prestigious Voice Over companies are joining forces to recognize the largely unseen contributions of many thousands of voice actors nationwide during the month of September.

Most viewers and listeners of popular media will encounter numerous professional voices as they go about their day.  Professional voice talents are heard on almost every media platform including radio and television commercials, podcasts, audiobooks, movie and television documentaries, websites, instructional and sales videos, radio stations, and YouTube, just to name a few examples.

The men and women who specialize in this field are different from stage and television actors (although those performers sometimes perform voiceovers as well) because professional Voice Talents use only their vocal range and acting abilities to create the viewer reaction the production requires, sometimes with accompanying pictures/video and sometimes without. Triggering “the theatre of the mind” within the viewer or listener, Voice Artists expertly create the proper mood, feeling, sentiment with just their voices.

Dave Courvoisier, Advisory Board member of the non-profit Society of Accredited Voice Over Artists (SaVoa), says “…the depth and breadth of talent represented by various actors in practically every city in the U-S is astounding.”  Courvoisier further states, “Voice Overs is a thriving and creative freelance enterprise being quietly practiced by people who take their craft seriously, and contribute greatly to the advertising and media marketplace .”

Advances in digital technology have transformed much of the Voice Over landscape in recent years…allowing the lion’s share of voice talent to practice their business from their homes or private studios, transmitting a finished audio file to their client instantaneously.  That convenience, though, also individuates the voice actors from one another.

“Calling for a month-long appreciation of the Voice Over Artist will serve to draw the far-flung personalities of this unique industry into a sense of community and support,” says Courvoisier.




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