by | Jun 27, 2013 | Jus' So You Know

megaphoneAdvancers.  Teasers. Calendar markers.

Call them what you will, I just want to remind you about some deadlines and dates that you may want to put on your schedule.

Google Reader sunsets July 1st.  If you’re using this ubiquitous RSS Feed reader, please take the time now to export your feed.  Lord knows, Google hasn’t made that chore easy.  Here’s a Mashable article that lays it out:  http://mashable.com/2013/03/14/export-rss-feeds-google-reader/.  My suggestion?  Download Feedly for free.  It’s pretty much the accepted successor to Google Reader, and once installed (easy-peasy) it just automatically goes over and takes all your Google Reader feeds and installs them into Feedly. Brainless.  Even better:  install the Feedly extension into your browser, and it’ll import and install all your RSS feeds too.

FaffCon6 registration starts on the 29th of June.  Visit the FaffCon.com site for all the details and links.  I’m still unsure if Amy Snively & company are going to institute the threatened lottery, or if it’s the first 100 to register who get a seat at the table.  One way to get a jump on the 29th is by qualifying to register on the 28th.  To do that, click the link at Faffcon.com that registers you at the Omni San Antonio, then use that confirmation code during a “Block Star Head Start Day” registration on the 28th at 9am PST.  Another way to get a jump on the 29th:  Be a sponsor.  It can be pricey, but what better event to get behind than FaffCon?

Timed Announcement Detailing a Price Break on an as-yet Unspecified but Existing and Coveted VO Product You Can’t Live Without!      There.  How’s that for being ambiguous?  All I can say is that on Monday, July 1st, and ONLY on this blog, a certain vendor has chosen this online publication to announce a significant and firm shift in pricing that you WILL want to hear.




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