Remembering the Fallen on Memorial Day

by | May 31, 2021 | Op/Ed

My dad came home.

He survived WWII, and like so many of those who did, he refused to say much about the experience.

I didn’t understand then, but I’m pretty sure now, that it’s because he didn’t think he deserved any accolades for having survived.  He always believed the honor should go to those who DIDN’T make it back….those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.

Those of you who would scoff at such sentiments should be reminded that your right to scoff comes at the expense of their life.  You HAVE that right because THEY gave.

So…not to be confused with Veterans Day on November 11th….MEMORIAL DAY honors those who didn’t come back… those who lost their life doing their duty.

I can’t even imagine.

 [Veterans Day honors all those who served in the Unites States Military]




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