So… this is one of those quirks of our language usage that is a sign of the times.

You’ll hear someone say: “I just don’t have enough bandwidth to get this done today.”

The knowing application of the techy euphemism makes us hip…er…gives us cred.

Trouble is…we all understand!  Then WE get to use that cool term the next time it pops up.  It makes us sound so uber tuned-in to the times…and on the edge of relevance.

Bandwidth wasn’t even a term until the internet came along.  Orignally, it meant: “…the transmission capacity of a computer network…” but the dictionary also now includes the present use of the word: “…the energy or mental capacity required to deal with a situation…”

Don’t get me wrong, I LIKE it.  It’s perfect.  It fits.  I get it (another catchy phrase that’s popular now).

So…how do we get more bandwidth?  I mean, we can’t just contact our internet provider and buy a higher capacity service level to make our personal lives fit into our schedule better.

No…to achieve a better comfort factor in our personal/work lives, we have to do what Michael Jackson famously wrote:  “I’m starting with the man in the mirror.”

#1 Examine your priorities

Plan to do what’s important, not urgent.  Grab one of those ubiquitous apps that helps you keep track of your time and see where it goes every day.  You do it with your money, right?…so how much more important is your time?  Arrange for a seniority of commitments.  Grab that next P2P audition, or go find some clients on your own?

#2 Be Bold

If it seems that other people or priorities are taking precedence; that you believe you have no control…then you probably don’t.  Learn to say no.  Think before you act.  Who’s in charge here?  Are you too compliant to others’ needs?  You have alternative choices that directly affect the outcome of your day.  Sure, you’re expected at that Zoom meeting, but will your world fall apart if you miss it?

#3 Stand on sound knowledge already available

There’s the Time Management Quadrant. There are only about a gazillion self-help books on the topic…not to mention hundreds of apps. Google “time saving tips”.  I did…some of those links are below.  Seriously, like this is not a NEW problem.  Others have done some deep-dives on this issue, and there’s no shame in taking their advice.

#4 Know yourself

Nobody knows YOU like YOU…so just be honest with yourself and adjust accordingly.  Don’t procrastinate.  Plan ahead.  Visualize the completion of the task before you. Learn how to handle interruptions. Don’t lie to yourself. Know what works for you. Take stock of past failures, and change.  Ask others what they observe about you…change again.  

Below are a few great resources I found on the web for this subject.  Find some bandwidth to read them, and save time in the end!


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