Two upheavals:  COVID & BLM.

A few viral scientists and social scientists tried to warn us, but most of us didn’t listen.

Now this:  2020.

With it all, there’s a new “BC” in town:  BEFORE COVID.  ‘Not sure what AD will come to be,

…And look at me, unwilling to change from BC and AD to BCE and CE!  What change are you struggling with in the “common era”?

Let’s face it, though, 2020 ushers in anything but a “common era”…it feels more like an upheaval.  Hence the title to today’s blog:  Has It Sunk In Yet?  (and I’m not even mentioning political shenanigans in an election year).

Here’s how to tell: 
Are you still saying,  “…when things get back to normal…”?

We WANT normal.  We miss what had come to be mostly routine.  As freelance voice-actors we relied on a system that was a bit more predictable, though not perfect.  Change was there, but it was more like the glaciers of last century, and not rivers of melted ice we have today.

You can be angry, defiant, miserable, non-commital, bewildered, or elated, but one thing you CAN’T do is sit still.

That sort of resignation is worse than all the superlatives being offered-up today.  Sitting still and hoping it will all go away is death.

I’m no social scientist.  I’m a voice actor.  So I see things in those terms.  Instead of sitting still, I can:

  • dig in and work harder
  • try to understand all sides of an issue
  • practice patience
  • be aware
  • don’t just have an opinion… have an INFORMED opinion
  • follow sound preventative health guidelines
  • create new work for my business through discovery
  • pick a side and be passionate
  • open your mind to new possibilities within new paradigms
  • choose involvement
  • listen to others (no…really listen)
  • pray 
  • see where new VO opportunities are popping up (actively look for them)
  • adapt to change
  • be agile in the midst of upheaval

What am I missing? 

Maybe it all comes down to this: 







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