Essential COVID-19 Era PreAmp Settings

by | Jul 6, 2020 | Cynicism, New Paradigms | 1 comment

There’s no such thing.

Nope.  No such thing as adjusting your audio chain settings for the clients seeking your voice for a COVID delivery (whatever THAT is).

Let’s face it, clients of all stripes are desperately listening gobs of advice in “uncertain times” (tired of THAT phrase yet?).  Advertisers, producers, casting directors, agents, producers, creative directors, account executives – hell, all of humankind – is trying to figure out what is an appropriate pitch in today’s topsy-turvy world.

I mean, other reminding you that your audio chain settings should ALWAYS be tweaked to perfection…this blog is not about the kind of stuff George Whittam best handles.  I think he would tell you that he’s unaware of ANY preamp settings in ANY cultural upheaval that can answer the need for a better voiceover performance.

No, today’s tongue-in-cheek blog only seeks to re-direct your attention back to the tried and true.  Don’t let the audacious activity you see on your TV screen distract you from the reality demanded of today’s hard working voice talent professionals, trying to keep the books balanced.

So while there is no magical COVID-19 Preamp settings, there are some reliable and valid freelance voiceover business practices that will still see you through difficult times:

  • practice, practice, practice
  • utilize aggressive marketing strategies
  • maintain disciplined adherence to goals
  • make quick responses to auditions
  • build client referrals
  • get solid coaching
  • follow established business practgices
  • refresh your demos
  • maintain good relationships always
  • prospect new opportunities with hustle
  • keep up with industry trends
  • join World-Voices Organization®
  • get mentoring, give as a mentor
  • maintain the latest software/hardware tweaks
  • update your brand/website/newsletter
  • seek solid feedback from qualified colleagues
  • set goals, break them down to small bits, and achieve them

There’s more.  What am I forgetting?  Add your suggestions in the comment section.

Bottom line:  Don’t let fleeting election year BS draw you away to endless and (almost always) empty dialog in online forums.  Refocus your priorities into your business.  Believe me when I say today’s seemingly URGENT events often fade and give way to more practical ways eventually.  It may be 2021 until it happens, but do you really want your business to go to hell in a handbasket in the meantime?

Forget the preamp…get amp’d into your business.










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  1. steve Hammill

    It has gotta be strange working VO in a COVID world.

    The media and the politicians have so corrupted the pandemic that no reasonable person believes the news.

    It was just this weekend that researchers “confirmed” that COVID is airborne. DUH and DOUBLE DUH!

    There are a few things to know about the COVID19 virus:

    ***If you get it, it will kill you or it won’t.

    ***Epidemics are nature’s way of pruning an untended tree.

    ***Plagues are like a campfire: it will burn as long as there is fuel for it. If it goes out, stir it and it will start to burn again.

    ***It’s not China’s fault. China has been a “petri dish” for new diseases for as long as I can remember.

    We should do what the environmentalists recommend for wild fires: Let the pandemic burn! I don’t believe we’ll ever have a vaccine for this. So the stupid college kids got this one right: COVID Party ON!

    The bonus is that it will thin out competition for VO/VOC jobs 😉


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