What Kind of a Voiceover World Do You Want?

by | Jun 22, 2020 | New Paradigms | 1 comment

As the son of a Swiss immigrant, and being a career journalist, I know how to be neutral on most everything; or at least shroud my personal feelings in the service of diplomacy and fairness…something most of today’s journalists seem to have forgotten.

But when it comes to the profession I love the most…the one to which I’ve now dedicated the better part of the last two decades, I don’t have to be quiet…I have to ask you a question.


You have a say, ya know.  The alternative is to accept what the most active among us decide, while you watch from the sidelines.

Now…some of our future is NOT truly in our hands to control:  globalization, technology, pandemics, politics…there ARE forces that will influence an outcome, but mostly, WE still have a say.

To me the choice is clear.  Do you want it in the hands of P2P’s, AI Voice synthesis, online casting, agencies, mega-studios, and Fiverr?


Do you want the greater control of your VO career through hustle, initiative, an enterprising spirit, discipline, and savvy marketing?

Both futures have a certain allure.  

You might actually approximate equal revenue from either paradigm.  

But the difference is your integrity.  The choice turns on self-determination.  The outcome depends on your own sweat equity, not someone else’s fleeting and clever indulgence.

In other words, do you have strong legs, or do you want a crutch handed to you from someone with selfish motives?









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  1. Chris Duke

    Wherever the jobs are going, which mostly seems the P2P sites. Is that the kind of world I want? Not really… but it seems to be the place you have to be right now.

    To answer your question, the kind that I want is one where I have a few recurring clients with great and consistent pay.


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