Zoom.us is great.

Despite the hackers, the zoombombs, the security issues, and the network overload…they are still the default video conferencing in the age of COVID.

…and I think rightly so.

I used to use SKYPE (more at that below) and I gave up on Citrix’ Go-To Meeting.  Just awful. 

So when the question came up about what’s available now as decent competition to Zoom my mind immediately went back to Google Hangouts.  They’re still going strong.

I like Skype, still, too…and they are an extremely viable competitor to Zoom right now with their Meet Now free feature.  No account needed…no time limits…easy peasy.

Another one rarely mentioned, probably ’cause it’s not free (beyond a trial), is an offering from Amazon called Chime.

But – no big surprise – perhaps the most innovative and easiest conference calling programs are apps on your smartphone:  WhatsApp, FB Messenger, and even FaceTime.  Microsoft Teams is a new player worthy of consideration…even Slack.

But look at me!….like I’m the first one to think of this idea for a blog?

See the links below for 3 great summaries of the best Zoom alternative for video conferencing.








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