On Cam Tips

by | Apr 8, 2020 | Video

You can’t find a Webcam anywhere these days.

Amazon is back-ordered a few weeks, and the WalMart associate just smirked at me when I asked if they had any.

It makes sense.  If Zoom.us is mandatory in the age of COVID, then if only follows that a camera is a necessary evil too.

And please…puh-leez don’t give me this tired, “I have a face for radio thing!”  I’ve written about this ad nauseum.  Here’s one sample.


But having a webcam does not make you a video personality any more than having a piano makes you a virtuoso.

Since I’ve had JUST A LITTLE on-camera experience, I long ago concocted a sort of cheat-sheet on the challenge of making a good webcam video.

I’m actually in the process of sprucing-up this part of my marketing, but for now, you can find the basics on my OnCamTips page.

If you’re really serious about improving your comfortability on camera, gimme a shout at [email protected]We can talk through it.  I can tell you, though — just like being an accomplished VO — it takes practice, and you MUST learn to like the way you look on camera (remember when you first heard your voice recorded?…it’s like that).









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