Will the Fear of Coronavirus Affect Your VO Business?

by | Mar 2, 2020 | VO Business

Notice I didn’t say, “…Will the Coronavirus Affect Your VO Business.

That would be different…and the answer would likely be “no”.

But the FEAR of the coronavirus.  That’s different.  And, yes, there’s a good chance that some of us will see a slow-down in our voice-over business as a consequence. 

Others won’t, and may wonder what the brou-ha-ha is all about.  Actually, we ALL should be asking that question. 

Now… the virus deserves our attention and concern, and we all should be careful to avoid getting it…but I think you’ve seen by now that the health threat is no more worse than some strains of the common cold, and that the death rate is much lower than other more common flu viruses already going around the US.

So, what’s the difference?  

The hype.

When popular media hits its stride, we ALL feel the pull of the passionate propaganda they're selling Click To Tweet

It’s worse than the Weather Channel, which turns every local rain-shower into a potential life-threatening tornado!

It’s worse than almost every news organization in these 50 United States predicting the end of the world as we know it if THIS candidate or THAT candidate gets elected.

It’s almost as if worldwide media suddenly got tired of the election cycle, and the Iran boycott and decided to shift it’s entire attention to coronavirus. 

Something new to blow all our of proportion!

(and people wonder why I left TV news)

OK, rant over…back to the original question and whether the VO opportunities will drop off because there’s a run on toilet paper in Northern Italy.

Yes, in general supply chains are disrupted for pharmaceuticals, health-industry supplies, electronic devices, and just about everything else that has it’s primary production source centered in China (a considerably long list!).

It’s having a debilitating effect on stock values, economic futures, corporate balance sheets, business travel, and other markers of supply-and-demand financial stability.

But the real issue for voice actors and the many industries that employ us is the effect it’s having on events, conferences, symposiums, and business gatherings in general.

Even more worrying, major corporations are just putting in limbo any NEW PROJECTS, which puts plans in limbo, halts workflow, re-arranges dates for deadlines.

Yes, you may see a distinct downward shift in the need for your services.

….or not.

Hopefully the studios, the publishers, the corporate entities, the radio/TV stations, and the Instructional Designers you work for don’t buy into all the hype…see no REAL change in the world around them and have every motivation to continue their projects with YOUR voice.

When popular media hits its stride, we ALL feel the pull of the passionate propaganda they’re selling. Remember, they get paid to get your attention, your ears and your eyeballs, which inevitably leads to sensationalism.  Notice how the phrase “Breaking News” has absolutely NO relevance anymore?

When news managers sense the public interest in coronavirus is over, it’s on to the next big thing.  The retrospectives we’ll see on Dec 31st 2020 will prompt us all to smile and say, “Oh, yeah…remember? We were all so afraid we’d die from coronavirus.”

Till then, just keep working your marketing, right?










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