The COVID-19 Long Tail Paradox

by | Mar 18, 2020 | VO Business

In the span of what seems to be a few short days, we’ve all had to adjust like never ever before.  

“Social Distancing”. That new buzzword phrase perfectly connotes our greatest paradox: we cannot do what we all really WANT to do…come together to help each other.

The very thing we morally feel we SHOULD do…we’re admonished NOT to do.  

Hurricanes, floods, train crashes, and cancer…we respond with help and kindness.  Heck, when someone dies, a church brigade often schedules round-the-clock meals for the grieving family. 

For COVID-19, we would be firmly advised NOT to do that.

Human concern and sympathy –  in-person touching and conversation are almost the universally accepted means of responding – but we can’t. 

So Coronavirus is re-writing the rules of global human interaction.  We’re isolating.  Putting up walls between each other…staying away…quarantining, closing borders, shutting down.

It leaves us all kinda feeling even further away from the support that’s necessary.

That’s why we at World-Voices Organization® are sort of acting in defiance.  We’re launching a new VIRTUAL get together.  Just because.

Heck, we wouldn’t need to.  Many of us voice actors are pretty OK with being alone in our studios day after day…but this is different.

We knew we had to accept the isolation when we got into the business, but maybe we don’t like being TOLD we have to stay that way by a bunch of politicians and doctors.  I’m not advocating for going out and spreading viruses.  I’m inviting you as a WoVO member to join in a virtual lunchtime talk with whoever shows up.

Not a WoVO member?  That’s easily fixed:  CLICK HERE.

Let me know you’re a member, and I’ll get you the URL to join in.  ([email protected]). 

All you need is a mic (got that, right?), an internet connection, a computer, and a webcam.  Yes, you can be on-cam.  It’s alright.  We wanna see you, too.

We’ve got room for 100, no stated agenda, and you can come and go as you please.

Hope to see you there today from Noon – 2pm Central.






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