Secretly, You’ve Wanted This

by | Mar 31, 2020 | VO Business

Have you forgotten?  

The deadlines?
The kids’ schedules?
Your New Year’s Resolutions?
The Clock?
The Calendar?
The Pressure?

Guess what?  

IT’S ALL GONE! (for the time being)

Admit it.  There were plenty of days in the last year when you WISHED for something that would make it all stop — even for a day.

Here it is.

As chaotic and potentially frightening as it is, the fear of COVID-19 has brought the world to a complete halt.

Pollution is down.  St. Peter’s Square is abandoned.  For the first time in decades, dolphins appeared in the canals of Venice.  Rush hour is hush hour. 

In almost every conceivable way, the pell mell pace of our crazy lifestyle is waylaid.

I’ve not forgotten that many are frantically working delivery jobs or other fill-in positions to make ends meet.  Because, while the economy is shut down, the financial sector is FREAKING OUT!  No Credit Card payments coming in?  No mortgage paymens being made?

What will we do? 

Well, we know that during this time you cannot be evicted (in most places), rent and bill-payment forgiveness is either being offered or can be granted with a phone call,  and humanity’s giving nature is filling a lot of gaps for all sorts of need.

Just think about it.

You’ve often wished that it would all just stop?  Even for a day?

Here it is; for several weeks in all likelihood…so you can stress over it, or you can relish the pause, the punctuation, the opportunity to stop the madness…even for just a while.

I know.  I know the voice actor’s mantra is to go to that long-ignored ToDo list when the jobs aren’t coming in…but I want you to ignore that too.  You don’t HAVE to spend this time working on marketing….YOU DON’T HAVE TO!

You don’t have to do ANYTHING, really, but wash your hands, not touch your face, and stay away from people and crowds. 

That’s it.

Sleep-in for once.  

Try not doing anything today.  Just try it. You don’t have to like it, and don’t think it’s going to ruin your work ethic.  You know good ‘n’ well it won’t.

But seriously…there may never be another opportunity/circumstance like this in your life ever again.

You’re gonna waste it with woulda, shoulda, coulda?





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