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by | Mar 16, 2020 | VO Business

The Illinois farm I own with my two sisters is about 50 miles straight East of St. Louis.  I grew up here.  My parents are both gone, but the farm is their legacy to us. 320 acres of black Illinois loam.  80 acres of that is woodland.  There’s a lake, and the rest is cornfields and beanfields.

When I need to get away from the bustle, I come here.  At night I sometimes hear coyotes and a lone train whistle.  Most clear nights I can see the Milky Way.

I joke that I’m here right now to “self-quarantine”.  The world has gone insane over toilet paper, but on the farm, Spring’s first migrating birds are arriving from the South, each signaling their arrival with a song unique to their species.

Of course, I have my zippy mobile recording unit with me.  Voice actors know that whenever you travel away from your home studio, a client will inevitably call, and want something “yesterday”.  My mobile unit has gone from something that fits uncomfortably in a medium suitcase to something that now folds neatly into a camera case.  Such is technology.

Have you noticed your email inbox filling of late with altruistic and well-meaning announcements from your bank, your insurance company, those who make your computer operating system, and even your favorite restaurant?

I could be snide, but I think for the most part, everyone (large corporations included) are trying to contribute with a collective solution to the challenge the global community is facing right now.  I’ve seen everything from offers of free software to discounted resources, and forgiveness for deadlines.  What I have NOT seen is forgiveness from my mortgage company, or my credit card companies.  🙂

The newly-minted term describing all this is “social distancing”.  Something we voice actors are intimately familiar with; as are freelance writers, photographers, web developers, etc.  Working in the confines of our own homes, isolation is common, although not always wanted.

Maybe now is a good time to take the ideas from our corporate friends mentioned above, and remind our clients that our expertise is not only in voice acting, but in the challenging world of solitary freelance business workings.

Maybe as you reach out by newsletter, cold-calls, social-media posts, and emails, we should remind out clients:

  • of the tools we use to work remotely
  • the software we use to collaborate
  • the methods we use share large files
  • the techniques we employ to be present over distance
  • whatever virtual team-building advice we have
  • what video conferencing tools work best
  • how to get good audio for a Zoom or Skype session

There’s no need to be smug about it…just sincere and helpful.  We have experience in this above what the average person knows.  And in the same communication, would it hurt to mention that you got that experience working hard at voice-acting all these years? (and that you happen to be available for their next project?)

Hey, as long as the internet is up and running, we’re in business, right? 

Let’s use OUR business acumen to help THEIR business.


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