Pandemic Marketing

by | Mar 26, 2020 | VO Business

Yesterday’s rambling blog got me to thinking.

Since we’re all relegated to home confinement, there are few facts about the pandemic that we don’t cling to immediately.

In fact, I’m pretty SICK of talking about COVID-19, and all the latest happenings surrounding it.

I’ll get over it…’cause it IS important to be in the know…but not to obsess. 

No….the thing that really got me thinking was the question with which I ended my blog:

In the time of COVID-19 , where will your marketing strategy find it’s best expression?

The answer to that involves common sense and a little bit of empathy. But my experience with TV viewers all those years of anchoring the news has me jaded.  80% of the people out there HAVE no common sense. Thank goodness you and I are in the 20% that remains.

So, I started Googling marketing ideas in the age of coronavirus.

‘Turns out, lots and lots of people have been thinking about this quandary.  In fact – as I alluded to yesterday – many corporations and even freelancers like us are dipping our toes in the uncharted waters of pandemic marketing.

The over-arching concept is to not be tone-deaf.  To not come on too strong.  Clearly, many of the so-called marketing “experts” think it’s perfectly honest and necessary to continue to put your brand and your service/product out there…just with a little more thought to how others might receive it.

I could not find better ways to say it than them (you know, the marketing “experts”), so below are links to several fantastic and thoughtful articles I found on the subject.

Worth some time in reading.

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