Give Yourself Five Minutes

by | Mar 30, 2020 | VO Business

The worst is upon us.  As the world prepares for its walk through the fire of this virus, April will be the watershed period.

Some are predicting a breakdown of the world-as-we-know-it, and others see light at the end of the tunnel already.  The truth is somewhere in the middle.

I’m so sick of talking about COVID-19 on the ubiquitous ZOOM meet-ups that I almost don’t want to join in anymore.

It’s OK to share info, be in the know, and prepare yourself wisely; but quite another thing to obsess and worry to the point of anxiety that manifests itself physically.

Yes, my VO work has mostly disappeared.  Same with auditions.  Marketing in the midst of all this seems disingenuous (despite all that I wrote about it last week).  I’ve made my last trip to the grocery store, nailed shut my front door, and have descended into my basement bomb shelter (kidding about the nails and the bomb shelter).

My message today to you:  give yourself five minutes daily to think about something – anything else – but COVID-19 and its effects. This practice is ancient, philosophical, meditative, mindful, religious, and psychologically profitable.

  1. find a quiet place
  2. set a timer (if you have to)
  3. close your eyes
  4. breath deep
  5. shut off your mind (this is not easy)
  6. repeat to yourself that these 5 minutes are YOURS, and that you choose to spend it thinking about anything else but COVID.
  7. if you’re religious, give it to God
  8. if you’re agnostic or atheist give it to yourself to chuck the angst for this short period for your own sanity
  9. breath deep again
  10. clear your mind again
  11. if you have to think about something make it be something you’re thankful for today

Look, I’m not into Eastern mysticism, nor am I overtly religious, but this is a sound formula for punctuating your day and resetting your gauges back to a balanced foundation.

You got this!

5 minutes!

The other 23:55:00 are yours to do with what you want.












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