This is Where All the Voiceover Jobs are Going

by | Apr 18, 2019 | VO Business

The Voiceover “Wait….What???!!!”

Weeks later, and no one has really been able to decipher the reason behind a voiceover client asking talent for their Social Media follower count as part of the audition process.  A number of us got the query after supplying a read.  I sent in my numbers, and never heard back.  But then again, how often DO you get audition feedback?

The whole episode left a lot of us wondering what THAT was all about.  I mean, audiobook narrators have lived in that reality for years…especially those who do jobs for “Royalty Share”…meaning they get a %-age of sales, not compesation for the narration itself.  Hence, the concern for how far is your onlne reach. 

The Truth About Online Influence

Apparently, authenticity, validity, and legitimacy and are hard to come by these days Click To Tweet

Kudos to Brad Venable for drawing attention to this article about online influence.  You really should read it, but I’ll try to summarize:  You can’t trust online follower numbers.  You can literally buy them, and not only are they hard to trace, but online platforms have proven time and time again that they really have difficulty telling between fake and real profiles.

So there you go.  Authenticity, validity, and legitimacy and are hard to come by these days.

So, apparently is respect in the voiceover world.

Dolly Parton does voiceovers for the NFL

Porn Stars do voiceovers to save Bees 

No, I can’t match the online following of Ms. Parton or porn stars…so I guess they were the right choice for those gigs.  30+ years as an Emmy award-winning News guy can’t match that.  😉  I hope they got good usage agreements.

For the next several days, though, I will be among the billion+ present-day followers of (among other things) the best social media marketer of all time:  Jesus.  For those of you who are unabashed about being on THAT list, I wish you a blessed Maunday Thursday, Good Friday, and Happy Easter.




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