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The Illinois *I* grew up in did not know or claim Chicago. 

It was St. Louis Cardinals country.  Black dirt where ANYTHING grows if enough rain comes in season.  Where the bullfrogs croak at night, and where the people talk with a little Southern twang when you get much below I-70.

For the better part of the next three weeks I’ll be there again, and while I love voice-acting and all my VO friends profoundly, I won’t be focusing a lot of attention on that. So you’ll see a collection of pictures of MY Illinois, the barns… rows of corn and soybeans, a few shots of Kentucky Lake, & Mississippi River, and some family who are joining me for July 4th on the farm where I grew up.

This is why I left the grind of TV news, right? The privilege of setting my own schedule and environs.  So I’m not going to Bora Bora or on a river cruise through Europe. I’m going to Greenville, Illinois. To recharge.

Wanna see?  Then watch for homespun and bucolic pictures from rural Illinois here on the pages of this blog for the next coupla weeks.  Maybe where you live looks much the same.  But where I live right now is hot, dry, brown, and one must be inside to survive.

I could use a good thunderstorm!


[PS. I will have my most excellent portable recording Zoom H6n device and Vocal Booth to Go with me…to handle the inevitable rush of jobs that always comes when you leave your studio.  Tru dat.]



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  1. Bruce

    I grew up St. Louis, so “Go Cardinals”! Who knew Greenville, Illinois is also Cardinal country! Enjoy the corn, soybeans, and thunder storms – but probably best to avoid any tornadoes.


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