It’s all about….


finding it
currying it
protecting it
nurturing it
growing it

sacrificing for it
sharing it
being loyal to it
(sometimes) relinquishing it
including it
checking it
being vulnerable to it
defending it
referring to it
being intimate with it
justifying it
building it
refreshing it
coloring it
honoring it


abusing it
leveraging it with ulterior motives
dishonoring it
letting it languish
betraying it
falsifying it

being capricious or arbitrary with it
taking advantage of it
using it against someone
reneging on it
boasting of it
shaming it
denying it
being selfish with it
ignoring it
being crass with it

…’cause when you get right down to it; relationship is at the heart of our business, and should be the business of your heart.




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