Addendum to “Bluff & Bluster”

by | Nov 10, 2017 | Web Resources

Almost universal acknowledgement greeted my blog info yesterday. Stephanie Crammond seems to be the real deal, and if you agree, you might wanna drop her a line with your support.

For her part, she wanted me to pass along the following info to my readers:

We’re extending the free preview for another month to make sure the site has real value for all its users. I also have a request of your readers. I’d like to get non-represented actors on the site but there are two issues.

1)  In order to make sure they get work, they need to have some kind of advocate unless they plan to spend their lives trolling the site.

2) Once they get work, if it’s from my site, I need to make sure they get paid.

Agents usually takes care of that. If we can get some help figuring out door #1, I’ll set up an escrow account so we can take care of Door #2.

Tell them to send their suggestions to [email protected]. Anything and everything has value so the crazy ones should be sent as well. 

So there ya go.  Got any ideas?  Here’s a real chance to give help to someone with a clear head, a great idea, and the skills to make it happen.  Maybe we’ll eventually get ole B&B to cool his jets a little.




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