Google Primer – Free Lessons for Small Businesses

by | Jul 11, 2017 | Marketing, Web Resources

In voiceover land,  if you want the expert skill of a brand marketer, you go to Doug Turkel.  For business tips?  Tom Dheere.  That’s my opinion.  But one shared by many.

Why?   Because they know their stuff.  

Tom has even launched a new endeavour called The VO Strategist.  I don’t believe Doug similarly markets his expertise, but if you get a chance to hear him speak (like at the recent VO Atlanta conference), don’t miss it.

Their knowledge is VO-specific, but even they would probably tell you, their methods — at a basic level — could be applied to most freelance creative service-oriented businesses.

If you want more of THAT kind of basic marketing, branding and digital finesse, you might first spend some time with Google Primer.

Touted as “bite-sized lessons to better your business”  Google Primer is available on your iOS or Android smartphone, and it’s free.

Oh…and….it’s Google!  (two sides to THAT coin, BTW)

Google launched Primer several years ago, but it’s gone through several iterations, and various levels of promotion.  It seems they’ve done a major upgrade, and are re-launching the app with more attention this Summer. At least one digital journalist thinks it’s because they want to get traction in the booming India small-business market.

Once installed, Primer lets you search for topics, and its promise (for attention-deficit millennials is that the lessons are short (4-5 mins).

You’ll see topic titles like:

  • Measure the power of your social media and content
  • Create a unique branding identity for your company
  • Get up to speed on online advertising

Believe me, there are SCADS of self-styled social media “gurus” who are more than happy to charge you for this kind of info, so why not just get it free from Google.

Look, this is not going to get you on the pages of the Wall Street Journal as the century’s newest billionaire, but doubtless, Google has shared more than a few lumps of usable essentials here.

THEN go to Tom and Doug for the icing on the cake.




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