$389 or $49? A pretty righteous deal!

by | Jun 7, 2017 | VO Business

Hands-down…the most well-read blog I’ve ever written (recently updated) is a list of 50+ Royalty-Free Music sites.

‘Not sure why exactly, ’cause most voice actors I know are rarely expected to mix music into their auditions or even their finished files for clients.

Now…demo producers?…yeah, I can understand why they’d want to get their hands on a good music library (or sound effects. I wrote a blog list for that too.)

And yet the blog metrics don’t lie.  People apparently like to have some music on hand for the occasional mix.

Now mind you…Royalty-Free music sites abound, but that doesn’t mean the music is free.  It usually means you can buy single tracks or bundles of tracks from various categories, and the purchase includes the license to use those tracks pretty much wherever you want.
The other caveat is that while typically the tracks you buy from Royalty-Share sites are of good studio quality, they are compositions you’ve never heard before.  Some might call it Muzak, but it’s not Top-10 stuff.


Let’s face it,  most of us just can’t afford to get arrested/fined for using a Beatles or a Beyoncé tune in our production.  And…we can’t afford the licensing fees either.


…..but this is the real thing!

But what I’m linking to today is the real music.

AppSumo put together a deal with Jamendo to offer 10 licenses (or stack as many sets of ten that you want) from a library of 200,000 songs.

Jamendo/AppSumo says the Royalty-Free license for something like that would typically cost $389, but for now, it’s only $49.  Crazy, huh?

BTW, I get nothing from this.  I just saw the site, and figured there might be someone who would want to take advantage.

For your purchase,  you get:

  • Ability to use it for personal or commercial use
  • Broadcasting & synchronization rights
  • No fees to performance rights organizations
  • Unlimited duration
  • Worldwide Coverage

BTW, AppSumo has pretty awesome deals like this alla time.  You should sign-up for their newsletter while you’re there. (again, there is no kickback for me mentioning this).

Here’s the link to take you to the Jamendo/AppSumo offer.  Or click on the music note at the top of this blog article.




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