Why?  Because it’s a contrived pitch to get you to read it!  That’s the #1 reason.  You don’t want to be manipulated do you?  Virtually every arrow4last blog about and for bloggers mentions this magic formula.  I’m sure there’s some psychological reason behind it…so let me ask you…why did you read this blog after seeing the title? 

REASON #2  We’re all on sensory overload, and trained to absorb information in tiny tidbits these days.  Twitter comes to mind: 140 characters.  Texting.  Email threads.  No room for lengthy diatribes here. But:  3 Reasons?  Sounds simple.  Sure, I have time for that!

REASON #3  It’s merely a veiled attempt by blog authors to grow their field of readers.  We’re all trained in the Social Media world to keep metrics on everything we do…you know…to prove Return on Investment (ROI), and to honor the American obsession with statistics.  The more readers, the more successful your blog.  There are other measurements too:  click-throughs, unique readers, visits, views, longevity on the page, how many pages viewed, and on and on.

[This is all tongue-in-cheek.  I hope you see that.  I like writing blogs with numbers in the title.  They work, and they often ARE easy to digest.  Numbered lists are easier to write, too.]

I haven’t heard from many of you concerning my website/blog makeover.  I’m gonna take that as good news.  Like many responsive websites these days (able to be viewed on most devices, browsers, operating systems), mine is a WordPress site.  My WordPress guru is Brett Bumeter (SoftduitMedia).  If you think web-authoring and web development is easy, you’re wrong.  It’s another of those “gig economy” freelance jobs where people toil in relative anonymity and work hard to maintain a professional level of compensation for their work.  Please contact Brett if you want to talk about refurbishing or rebuilding your site.

The WordPress subculture is strong and thriving.  3rd-party add-ons, libraries, themes, memes, templates, plug-ins, and extensions are more than a cottage industry…they’re an industrial complex!  My site is made from a theme purchased from ElegantThemes.com called “Divi”. It’s amazing what you can do with the configuration using Divi, but like any other new digital software product, there’s a pretty steep learning curve at first.   

Being a geek, I can’t help but play with it a little…OK…a lot.  You may start to see some new elements creep into my blog articles from time to time as I experiment. 

What does this have to do with Voice Over?  Next to the ubiquitous demo, 99% of voice actors feel they have to have a website.  What kind of website? Graphics?  Players? Content?  Sooner or later, you’ll have to decide if you want to do it yourself, or like some of the many other hats we have to wear, shop out the duties to someone who has greater expertise.  THAT is the gig economy.  Entrepreneurs hiring other entrepreneurs to get the job done.

OK, that was more than 3 reasons not to trust a VO Blog with a number in the title, but you get the drift.  🙂