A VO Tale From the Road

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Roughly 8 years ago, I began an online conversation with the affable Ed Helvey.  ‘Not sure how or where that happened, but it blossomed.

At the time, he was living back East, and like all of us at some time or another was feeling life changes, work changes, and maybe getting a little itchy for a change of pace.

Now, he’s living his dream life…on the road.

Traveling virtually anywhere he wishes, Ed gets around in a 2004 (?) customized Ford Econoline van.  And all of his roughly 50 square feet of living space is 

from the back, looking forward

on those four wheels.  He sleeps in the van; eats, sleeps, drives, communicates, satisfies voice clients, and makes connections all from the confines of that living space.


He dropped drove through Las Vegas the other day.  Hard to believe, but he said it was his first time in Southern Nevada.  He’d just visited voice actor Johnny George in Phoenix, and came to Vegas on this day by way of Death Valley and Pahrump.  He messaged me on Facebook messenger that he’d meet me at a local Wal-Mart parking lot.  After 8 years of electronic messages, we finally got a chance to shake hands.


Luckily I had the day off and stayed for more than an hour there in the Wal-Mart parking lot to be regaled by Ed’s stories. His tale is a unique one, filled with descriptions of broadcasting, publishing, founding radio stations, teaching, voice-acting, writing, profound relationships, and now…a wanderlust fulfilled.  

He showed me around his traveling studio…including a proud tour of his “cockpit” complete with dashcam, ham radio, internet connections, GPS, mounted microphones, CB, and Lord-knows-what-else. I knew I was in the presence of a master geek!

The “cockpit”

It’s the story of a freewheeling freelancer.  You can’t get more independent and impromptu than this…and yet he enjoys a productive lifestyle meeting clients’ needs on time.  A studio on wheels!

Ed, I know you’re smiling as you head back East in your van for a college class reunion.   Thanks for being a faithful friend, blog reader and inspiration.

I hope we meet again soon!




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  1. Jim Reeverts

    Thank you Dave! Great story!
    I’ve got a truck camper with plans to do the same on-the-spot service. Glad to see others able to satisfy wanderlust AND voiceover. Now i know it can be done! Ed- are you into mentoring? 😃

  2. Johnny George

    I too had the pleasure of Ed stopping by to visit us in our new home in Anthem, AZ. He was then off to see family in California. His journey continued with you on his list in Vegas.

    Quite an amazing guy. Looking forward to his return so we can enjoy a home cooked meal together.

  3. Debbie Irwin

    My hubby wants to visit all of the National Parks driving across the country. How do you create enough quiet so that I can record while he drives?!

  4. Ed Helvey

    Wow, Dave! You’ve impressed me with your description of my life and lifestyle.

    It was fantastic to finally meet up and shake hands. Thanks for taking time out of your busy life on your day off to meet up. I look forward to our next in person encounter.

    I’m currently in the Park City, UT area and will meet up with another member of our profession later this morning, Frank Fredericks.


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