When you figure it out,  share it with me, willya?  ‘Cause in all the years I’ve been after this VO thingy…I’ve never done one.  That might have something to do with the fact that I’m not pullling in near the revenue I should be, but so far I’m blaming it on the fact that I have another full-time job.

Besides, it’s been so long denying the need for a business plan, I’m starting to believe the rebel in me that I really don’t need one.

Still, since so many people I respect swear by them, I can’t get rid of the nagging suspicion that I really OUGHTA have a business plan.

So here are a couple of leads to get started:

First there’s THE ONE PAGE BUSINESS PLAN For the Creative Entrepreneur

I was initially introduced to this helpful book at WoVOCon II, and since then WoVO’s (retiring) Treasurer – Elizabeth Holmes – has embraced its principles, and plans to do a workshop on it at WoVOCon IV.  Elizabeth is one of the most savvy people I know when it comes to accounting, so maybe I should listen.

Also, another possibility that might be even easier.

It’s BizPlan.com.

Lots of drag ‘n’ drop with this intuitive program.  All aimed at keeping you on track, and helping you monitor, develop, and hit your goals.  It breaks big goals down into smaller goals (I hear that works).

Follow this link to get a life-time subscription to Bizplan.com for only $20. I’m getting nothing outa this, just passing along a deal from AppSumo that I saw.

So there.  Now you have no excuse to NOT have a business plan.

Me neither!




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