Not Your Dad’s End-Of-Year VO Checklist

by | Dec 7, 2015 | VO Business

The prospect of a new year puts a lot of us in a hand-wringing assessment mode, or over-expectant New Year’s resolution mode.

Or both.

Regardless, about this time in the year, people like to come forth with their end-of-the-year checklists:

  • did I meet all my 2015 New Year’s goals?
  • what was my marketing ROI?
  • is there something I can do differently in 2016?
  • how are my metrics?
  • what was my audition/booking ratio?

I’ve written blogs like that.  Those concepts are important.  Being accountable to yourself can be a numbers game or a barometer of your own persistence.

But let me submit to you an “un-list”.  You’ve heard of the “tired vs. wired” comparisons that WIRED® Magazine likes to publish?  Or maybe you’ve seen lists that compare the good vs. bad. 

But I’ve compiled a voice actor’s “Old vs. Bold” list.  These are the things that were standard goals 2, 3… maybe 5 years ago, but now fall short.  Change is constant.  Don’t be “old“…be “bold“.

10 Things to gauge your year behind/year ahead VO career by:



  VO is a job

 VO is a career

 VO is a sprint VO is a marathon
It’s all about how many
auditions I do per day
It’s all about selecting the
auditions right for you
I MUST have an agent/
be union/live in LA
to be successful
 Have you heard of the Internet?
I’m lost without online
casting sites
I’m lost if I depend ONLY on
VO casting sites 
Buy the best recording devices/
spend thousands on an demo
Buy the best recording space first/
spend well, not foolishly, on a demo
 I’m a lone wolf freelancer I’m part of a community
of voice actors
 I’m terrible at marketing  VO marketing is 80% of my job
 What can my peers do for me? What have you done for your peers?

I underbid to get the job

I get the best jobs by bidding
what I’m worth


 I’m all “coached out” Then you’re all “washed up”

What did I forget?  What would you add to the list?

Make a list.  Check it twice.  Post in the comments.




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