TrustDo the time, and you form a trust.  It’s why I continue to buy Chevys, Microsoft, Kraft Mayonnaise, and National Geographic.

Sure, I’m aware that Ford, Apple, Best Foods, and the Smithsonian make decent competing products, but not decent enough to make me switch.

Part of it is tradition, part of it is experience with the product, but mostly it’s trust.

Yesterday, I accepted the inevitable and upgraded my studio computer to Windows 10.  Why did I wait so long?

Win10 is tops…and I’ve done ’em all from DOS to 95, 98, XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, and now 10.  This was an upgrade from Win7 for me.  I had already installed 10 on my laptop, and another desktop with spectacular results. 

The Win10 upgrade is brainless.  Once it’s installed, Win10 is faster, better software architecture, and with the most pleasing human interface yet.windows_10-wide

Microsoft did their homework:  Win 10 has plenty of new gee-gaws, and sports the best browser on the market: EDGE.

Google’s Chrome has been acting weird lately.  Often, it misfires in performing the most basic functions on it’s sibling product:  Gmail…requiring a restart.  Once in a while, when I click on a Chrome tab, the tab closes instead of switching.  Other times, the Chrome browser fails to sync my account across computers.

edgeEDGE is unproven over time, and has seen a couple of upgrades since its release, but I’m already a fan.  EDGE includes functionality that lets you screen-capture and mark-up any page.  There’s also built-in note taking, and support for Dolby Sound.  Here is a great article describing the advantages of MS Edge.

I’ve heard some well-respected VO audio experts claim MAC has superior audio handling, but I’ve never seen the hard proof.  I doubt the people receiving my auditions are saying to themselves…”Oh, that guy is using Win10…it’s obviously recorded on a Windows machine”.  Nope…doesn’t happen.  Again, tradition, history, trust.  I know my way around Windows. ‘Love its reliability. I can make it sing.  No need to switch.

I do own an Apple iPhone.  Am I tempted to switch to Android?  Absolutely!  But I have trust in the Apple iOS — not to mention hundreds and hundreds of dollars invested in the iOS app universe.  No need to switch.  Same with my trusty Windows OS.

I respect those with an opposing viewpoint.  I speak only from my personal experience…but it has been a good one with MS for over 20 years.  Go with what you know.  Save the heartache.




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