WoVOChat Today: ISDN v. IP Alternatives

by | Mar 10, 2015 | VO Business

wovochatlogo-whiteVoice Actors are married to their technology.  It’s our daily fare.  Auditioning.  Recording.  Communicating.  Editing. 

Advanced hi-quality distance recording depends on esoteric equipment.  ISDN has held sway for decades, but now there are chinks in the armor.  With the growth of digital internet solutions comes some outstanding methods and innovations for sending, receiving, and conducting real-time audio interaction under Internet Protocol or IP technology.

So at this juncture, what is a voice-actor to do?  Invest in tried and true rock solid (but maybe waning) ISDN technology (if you can get it)? Or choose one of the clearly less-expensive, but not always perfect IP alternatives?

WoVO (World-Voices Organization) examines that in a full hour of tweetchat today at noon Pacific Time using the hashtag @WoVOChat.

Our guests are perfect for this discussion:  George Whittam and Joe Cipriano.  George, because he’s one of the chief architects of today’s standard of technologically-advanced VO studios.  Joe, because he has single-handedly been moving the acceptance of distance-recording solutions even BEFORE ISDN! 

Rumor has it that some of the founders of a couple of the popular solutions out there may also join in the conversation.

Find your favorite Twitter program (Hootsuite or TweetDeck work fine), and create a search using the term #wovochat.  At noon (or even a little before) you’ll start seeing the conversation build in your twitter stream.  Join in to your heart’s content, just be sure you keep it civil, and don’t forget to use #wovochat in everything you write.

TChat.io, and Tweetchat.com are also excellent interfaces to use for this event.

WoVO pro member, and content-marketing expert Pamela Muldoon will moderate the hour-long session.  I’ll be sitting in as host and facilitator, and can’t wait to see the stream-of-consciousness on this topic!  

Then, later in the afternoon Wednesday, check back here on my blog for a Storify record of the tweets, and some other metrics from the event compiled by Muldoon.

C Ya there!




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