Grow Your VO Biz By Joining These G+ Communities

by | Aug 13, 2014 | VO Business

g++‘Surprised how many people are still in the dark about Google’s highly-successful social media platform: Google Plus. 

I run a regular tweet campaign asking people to join my G+ Voiceover Community, and often get the question “What is G+”?  [More about VO communities on Google below.]

If you have a gmail account (and who doesn’t these days?)…you can create a Google Plus profile (for free) in a jiffy.  Why? 

  1. It’s easy
  2. It’s intuitive
  3. It’s connected to all things Google (including YouTube, Gmail, GDrive, Google Calendar, etc.)
  4. It’s another place to find/share information
  5. It’s another online platform to spread your brand
  6. It’s NOT Facebook or Twitter
  7. The population there is different from other social media networks.

To make the most of Google Plus, you need to join groups, much like Facebook or LinkedIn.  On G+ they’re called “Communities”.  I administer several VO-related communities there, including:

G+ Voiceovers
Transitioning to Full-Time Voiceovers
Social Media VO

…and another successful VO community on G+ is administered by my good friend Derek Chappell.  It’s called VoiceOver Blogs.

In most instances, you need an invitation to join, so send me a note to [email protected], and I’ll send you an invitation online.

But that’s not what this blog is about.  THIS blog is about the apparently non-VO-related Google-Plus communities you should join to keep up with the various other special niches to be good at other skills to make your VO business run better.

Grow Your VO Biz By Joining These G+ Communities


Don’t make me say it again…OK, I’m going to anyway:  Video is uber-hot.  In every way, in every medium, for every occasion, and especially for marketing.  The Video Marketing G+ community is a constant inspiration and how-to of tips and latest info to stay abreast of this quickly-morphing must-have content strategy.  (6,191 members)  [See also: Video Production Professionals]


…speaking of which.  Not only video, but stay abreast of ALL forms of content marketing with this group (34,230 members).  Global members make this a vibrant community with constant updates and ideas.


Of course I was going to suggest this one. (27,095 members) I’m a big LinkedIn fan, and this is how I keep up with LI.  This more serious-minded social media site has been on the move lately with lots of changes (some good, some bad, IMHO), and a visit here a couple times a week, brings you up-to-date.  Honorable mention, but not Google-community:  The LinkedIn Blog.


Novice geeks welcome.  You can feed your inner engineer here.  But I find it not so over-the-top technical that it’s a put-off.  Lots of open sharing here of the latest stuff, and some great techniques.  (2,136 members)


THIS is where the real geeks are!  The posts here can get a bit deep sometimes, but online metrics cannot be ignored, and Google drives this world of online measurements more than any other service.  Go here to get a clue about how this world works!  (56,085 members)


Need more SEO tips.  Well, seriously, this realm is changing so quickly, that what was gospel a few months ago is now practically worthless.  SEO+ Search Engine Optimization/Website.




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