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Some weeks are busier than others.  This one was a blur.  Luckily, smartphones are handy, and well, you know how that goes.  We take pictures of ourselves with friends, 2014-04-05 20.52.59’cause we want to remember the moment, and savor it later.  I’m grateful for that this week….because of the blur, the timeline, the demands of schedule.  Pics become a sort of visual journal.  This is mine from the last few days.

It began last weekend with my wife, Victoria, Joe Cipriano, his wife Ann, and their friend Stoney Richards.

2014-04-08 13.21.18Joe was here for NAB, and I ran into him at the convention, too, along with some other friends from the tight community of voice-over friends.  That’s Tim Keenan on the left, and Mike 2014-04-08 14.12.56Laponis on the right.

Joe and I are pictured at the BSW booth with ipDTL’s Kevin Leach.

Before I said goodbye to the convention, I found the two stars of GeekBeat.TV.  John Pozadzides and 2014-04-08 14.48.20Cali Lewis are going places with their popular online program.  They report on new devices & geek trends, and they have fun doing it.

At this point, I’m up to late Tuesday afternoon, and the day was not nearly done.  After traipsing all over the 2014-04-08 18.47.24NAB exhibit floor, I was expected as a guest and honoree at the annual Saks 5th Avenue Vegas Dozen annual event.  This was the scene I faced from the podium with the other 11 honorees as we looked out over the red carpet at the Fashion show mall.  2014-04-08 18.10.51

Oh, and one of the other “dozen” Las Vegas men being honored was Chriss Angel.  Yes, the same Chriss Angel who is the headlining magician on the Strip.

2014-04-08 20.23.33

On the right is a shot of my wife with one of the other honorees:  Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Stevensen Sylvester.  He grew up in Las Vegas watching me on the news.

My week was just getting started.  Wednesday evening, I spent an hour online with VO Buzz Weekly’s Chuck Duran and Stacey J. Aswad (seen above)  in a Skype interview for one of their upcoming shows.  They’re getting “off the couch” with their interview series, and I was jazzed to be a guest on their show.  I believe they said it’ll go up on their site at the end of the month.

2014-04-10 20.24.09Thursday was a visit from everybody’s favorite Audio Expert: George Whittam.  George and sidekick for this trip to NAB — Lee Pinney — came to watch a newscast and then joined me at Melissa Moat’s Vegas Voicers meet-up.  It was our biggest gathering so far:  30 people.  2014-04-10 20.27.43 HDR

Unfortunately, I found out that three of our group are leaving Vegas to live in other cities.  One of them is an amazing talent:  Jason Rooney.  He’s moving back to an area of the country I call home — near St. Louis.  We’re gonna miss him!

I have more pictures, but you’re probably bored already.  I’m so grateful for my life.  When I see these pictures, I see a full and hectic week, but I also see how richly blessed I am, and I know it’s important to count those blessings.

I hope you have a grand weekend!





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