A New Medium, a New Opportunity

by | Jul 25, 2013 | Video | 4 comments

chromecastChange is good.  One HAS to take that position…otherwise you get left behind.  [I’ve got another pithy saying, but I’m leaving it for last (see below).]

So for every radio station and TV station that goes under, there’s a new cable channel, or website, or internet distribution device that takes its place.  Broadcast became narrowcast became niche…and so it continues.

Through it all, the universe of voice-over jobs has actually probably expanded…another reason to believe change is good.

So now…in addition to TiVO, and AppleTV, Roku, Boxee, and GoogleTV, there is Google Chromecast…a handy dongle that costs $35.

From TechCrunch“…it’s powered by Chrome and is designed to bring Google’s browser/OS to the biggest screen in the house.  The Chromecast is designed first to be a streaming device. It’s supposed to be the easiest way to get YouTube and Google Play and Netflix and Pandora and photos on HDTVs.   The Chromecast is the first expansion of the Chrome operating system out of traditional forms of computing. Up until now, Chrome OS was a desktop operating system, designed for use on a laptop or monitor. Google retooled it for the living room and tapped mobile operating systems to provide the content…”

More on Google Chromecast in the links below:





NOW FOR MY OTHER PITHY SAYING: (more of a mantra, really)

Video is in.  Have you noticed how all the cool and innovative devices, apps, programs and developments are going in the field of video?  Vine app, Instagram, Explainer videos, GoPro camera, Hangouts, and more…all of it is a visual medium.  Improved video compression algorithms, and greater available wi-fi broadband make it possible.

I know, I know….what we do is all about voice, not video.  But even TV news…which is all about video is 80% voiced-over.  All’s I’m sayin’ is if you aren’t taking advantage of the opportunities to voice the videos in demand now, then at least take advantage of video as a marketing tool for your VO business.  Powerful.  Always.




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  1. Mike Walton

    I’m getting more and more video narration work since I put a video demo page on my website. I also have been sending video clip demo’s along with my mp3 demo’s when I audition. Like you said Dave, you have to take advantage of what’s in demand.

  2. Jane Ingalls

    Hi Dave, videos are now imbedded in greeting cards, too. I did a narration yesterday for a company who is sending them out to their clients. Amazing technology!

    • CourVO

      Jane… you’re kidding! I haven’t seen those! How much are they?

      Thanks for stopping by to comment.

      Dave Courvoisier


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