Special Added Bonus in VOAToday.com Week-3

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We’re only half-way through our September event: Voice Over Awareness Today (VOAToday.com)

More than 120 of you have participated, shared, and contributed in your answers so far this month, and a tasty sample of great prizes has been donated and awarded.  (see last week’s winners)

This week, we’re on to a new topic, and  perhaps the most cerebral question yet:

What is your preferred method/software/tool for keeping track of work, clients, invoicing, follow-up, etc (Customer Relationship Management)?

Also, aside from some knockout donations from sponsors this week, a surprise addition for this week’s prize package – a generous donation from the organizers of voice acting’s only UNconference:  FaffCon.


Just added:  ½-cost off October 2012 FaffCon Registration
Guaranteed admission!!!
One Winner only – special drawing this week only





  • One year’s free membership to Bodalgo
  • An EWABS club membership ($750)
  • VoiceOverEssentials.com: Adjustable Boom stop



  • Your choice: one of three Edge Studio classes
  • Your Choice, one of three VoiceOverXtra  webinar recordings
  • EWABS:  a CLEAR SPOT 4G WiMax WiFi Modem ($100)



  • EWABS Producer Katherine Curriden 2-hour PR/Marketing consult ($300)
  • VoiceOverXtra: PaperBack Edition of “VoiceOver Legal” by Robert Sciglimpaglia
  • Future Bettye Zoller Webinar on VoiceOverXtra of winner’s choice

I hope you’ll stop by and share some wisdom and experience.

Also, be sure to scroll through the last two weeks’ posts…lots to learn from your peers!






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1 Comment

  1. John


    I am new to VO. But I have done about 20 or so so far, all with very happy clients. However, I am on a streak on Voices.com…a bad one! 203 auditions and nothing!

    Is this normal?

    I’d say that I stink and just give it up, but I have quite a few so far and they’re all happy. I must be doing something right, but not on Voices.com.

    Any ideas??? Hard, vague question I know. But, I am at a loss.

    Thanks, great blog!



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