Freelance Feast/Famine

by | Apr 2, 2012 | VO Community

Some weeks ago, I posted a downer blog lamenting the dearth of jobs available to me in early 2012 (The Most Transparent Blog I’ve Ever Written).

Some people called it brave and courageous…others weren’t sure what to do/say… and still others chimed in to say they were having the same experience.

I’ve picked-up a number of jobs since then. I’ve been busy…and I’ve been inspired by VO royalty at FaffCon4.  Being the eternal optimist, I must say that life is good and I am blessed.

But the whole experience reminded me of the Feast ‘n’ Famine nature of Freelance work.  Peaks and Valleys.  Bounty and Bleakness.

Knowing this, and having it ground into my brain the way it was a month or two ago, I’m now MUCH more cognizant of some rock-solid principles of running your own freelance business that cannot be ignored.

Below is a short list, and some links I’ve found valuable.  My hope is that you will also find value in these reminders:





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