by | Dec 31, 2010 | Subscription Services

Is there no end to these sites?…sites that will list you and your demo, and try to match you with people looking for voices?  The proliferation is not a bad thing, I guess.  Can the exposure hurt?   Well…yeah, if the site is bad.

What to call ’em?…P2P?  Voice Clearinghouse?  Subscription Site?  Voice-Seeker Sites?  Most charge a fee, some don’t…VoicePerMinute does not charge that I can tell (yet — it’s still “Beta”)..until you book a job.  This is the VoicePerMinute FAQ page.

‘Safe to say that Voices.com, Voice123.com, and maybe VOPlanet are the top-3 in the USA…Bodalgo, maybe in the European Market.  VoicePerMinute seems to be of the international flavor, too.

Here’s what I know:  They’re on LinkedIn with about 50 connections, Twitter with about 55 followers (this is where I found ’em), and are registered on the VO-BBPeter O’Connell, and Connie Terwilliger are listed talent (me too, now).  Peter and Connie are no slouches…so I take some comfort in that.

Their site is easy to navigate and register as a talent.  Give ’em a few details, upload your demos, post your picture, decide your per-minute rate, and you’re there.

Check ’em out:  VoicePerMinute.com.  Maybe it’s a Voice-seeker…er…P2P…uh…subscription site that’s for you.




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