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A frustrating weekend of trying to locate the correct pronunciation of a few foreign words and names made me realize there are precious few resources on the web organized around this simple concept (the client flat-out refused to help).

In a 9,000-word narration, I was challenged with German, Spanish, Danish, Arabic, French, Chinese, Polish, and (hardest of all) Turkish pronunciations.

Sometimes just putting the word "pronounce" in the Google search box, followed by the word in question,  would reap rewards.  Other times, Wikipedia would cough up an .ogg file with a native-speaker.  Another occasional resource is

The only site that comes close to being designed JUST FOR THIS is
I like it a lot not only 'cause it sounds alot like "CourVO", but also 'cause it's quite functional and free.  This easy-to-digest site really does have its head on straight.  It just didn't happen to have on file the words I needed, and will not typically have pronunciations for personal names, which are the biggest challenge of all.

Also frustrating are abbreviations:  GmBh, Ste, Sp, Pvt, Ltd, etc., which can have different meanings in different countries and languages, and even dialects.

Below are some other sites that will help with arcane pronunciations, and I post it here with full credit to the VO-BB, it's board misstress DB Cooper, and the man who offered it as help to me, Voice Actor Greg Phelps:

Bacterial Pathogen pronunciation

For medcine pro nown cing

Another pronunciation guide

A link to many medical dictionaries

Another medical one




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  1. Justin S. Barrett

    Followed the link here from the VO-BB. Looks like the first three of those five links no longer work.


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