Getting Paid to Talk

by | Feb 17, 2009 | Op/Ed | 2 comments

Any business has it's cliche's soooo trite that seasoned veterans just roll their eyes at the mention.

In TV news it's the comment:  "…yeah, but you're not really THERE doing the news LIVE at 11 are you?.."

I can only imagine that dairy farmers get tired of hearing how "udderly" wonderful their business is.

Or the teacher who hears from nearly every parent that their child is "so gifted".

Well,  in voiceovers, the general impression is that you get paid for talking. 

In the most rudimentary analysis that's true…just like Jeff Gordon gets paid for driving, or Lance Armstrong gets paid for bicycling.

Here's an article that explains it diplomatically: "GIVING VOICE TO A CAREER




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    Voice careers seem to be an up and coming thing. I thought they were already mainstream. But if people are paying that kind of money to basically get tips on how to master the craft it may not be mainstream yet.
    Sheryl did a little voice work for radio when she was younger. She has resigned to the task of doing a information and training series for the Guild. Maybe she should think about doing some voice training herself. she just needs to refresh the training she had.
    Thank you for the post, got some great information.
    Brad West ~ onomoney

  2. Brad West

    Ether the demand for good voice actors is growing or the economy is forcing competition by desperate people. I hope as a seasoned veteran you are safe, I’m sure by having your own equipment you are a bit more attractive also.
    Sheryl had done some voice acting for radio in her younger days, she is actually going to start a information and training series for the Guild. We don’t have much to work with for equipment until the Blog Co-Op get’s going. I’m sure she will do great. We start today!
    This is actually some great information, Thank you for the post.
    Brad West ~ onomoney


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