Just one more blog about blogging, then I'll get back to the good stuff — voice acting. 

My mind has been working overtime all day today with "new media" potentials.

I even ramped-up my twittering today, and refurbished my feedburner configuration.  I'd forgotten Feedburner is owned by Google.  Sheesh… whatacompany!

Oddly enough, Sunday saw my biggest one-day total of visitors to date:  288.  It's almost like my concentration on blogging brought more bloggers.  I wish it were that easy.

The materials I picked up at the Blog World and New Media Expo are chock-full of names and URL's that I wish I had the time to visit — each and every one of them.  I'm going to list just a few here, and provide a link to a .doc that I've compiled, with the website/blog for each and every presenter, and all the exhibitors.

I'll be celebrating my 1 year anniversary of blogging October 1st, 2008.  There's no question it's been worth it.  I'll get into that on a special blog that day.

My point is that the unintended benefit of all the blogging has been a realization that I have something to offer to the world as a writer, not just a voice…and that blogging is perhaps just as important to my Voice Acting career as choosing the right microphone, building a website, and cold-calling.

Below, the short list of personal websites, blogs, or company websites that I recommend you visit for insight into new media, blogging, business networking, building your business, or just plain tech-smart know-how. 

If you want the complete list (3-pages, single-spaced) of sites for all the presenters, and all the exhibitors, click HERE.  It's just a list.  There are no explainers or names.  In a way, that's kinda fun, though.  Sorta like internet mining. 

OK, here's the short list:

….and so many more!  If I were me, uh…er…you…I'd download my more complete list (here).

Happy mining!