Looking up…Looking down

by | Aug 26, 2008 | Op/Ed

All in the same day….

I've been awed by those I consider tops in their game.


…been considered with awe by those hoping to reach what I have.


What I find in both instances is that there is very little difference at a person's core.

As someone who is regarded with high respect:  "Hello MR. Courvoisier!"  I just want to say:  "No no…call me Dave…just "Dave"…

And those to whom I give deference with great admiration, I find they just want to be considered "one of us".

That's not to say status and respect, hard work and achievement aren't factored in. 

Sure they are.

Yet, what separates us is never so great as what binds us. 

Human-ness…a need to identify with others…commonalities.




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