The Addition of a 2nd Edition

by | Feb 24, 2020 | More Than Just a Voice

 Coaching is not my thing.

First, I’m not sure I’m as qualified as many of the fine voiceover coaches currently practicing; and secondly, taking on that task would draw me away from what I love: doing the voice work.  I’m not sure I could serve both masters and do either of them justice.

But I DO blog…and I enjoy it.  Apparently a lot of you also enjoy reading my musings.

The fruit of that labor is the 2nd edition of my book: More The Just a Voice, the REAL Secret to VoiceOver Success. 

Back in 2014 I hired Virtual Assistants, spent thousands of dollars & untold work hours publishing my first book under that title on Amazon.  Since then, I think I MAY have recovered my costs.  Just maybe.  I also subsequently narrated an audiobook version of the book for distribution on Audible, and was surprised that more people actually purchased THAT version than I expected.

In the six years that have passed, my writing has persisted.  I look back and am amazed, actually, of the quality of the stuff I’ve written (if I do say so myself) wink .  From time-to-time I’ve “repurposed” some of those articles to the present, and found a new, appreciative audience that missed it the first time.  I began to realize I had enough for another book!

It’s all-but-ready for release, and will probably happen this week.

THIS TIME, though, I’m receding even further into the realm of self-publishing, and eschewing Amazon and other publishing streams entirely. 

This 2nd edition will be available ONLY on my website, and only as a digital edition.  You can buy it in familiar .mobi and .epub versions, but for the same price, you can also download it as a FlipBook.  I chose this latter format ‘cuz it’s just so darned fun to read.  You’ll understand when you buy a copy.


I’m looking for a handful of willing participants to check out the website, actually BUY the book, and be a sort of “beta-tester” for the purchase process I’ve created with the help of my web-developer Brett Bumeter.
For your feedback, I will gladly reimburse you the cost of the book.


In the near future, a new audiobook version will also be available.  I’m about halfway through the narrating of the 150+ chapters and 300+ pages of this new book. I think it’s well worth the price-point I’ve established, and I hope you agree…packed with great and useable information.

Watch here for the announcement this week….and thanks for being a regular reader!






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