Surveyed Out!

by | Feb 5, 2020 | Cynicism

As voice actors, we’re told we have no right to seek feedback on the endless auditions we offer up for consideration on jobs.  I tend to agree…it would bring the whole scratch-track system to its knees.

So why on God’s green Earth should we even pause to consider the rash of requests we get DAILY to provide survey answers for every other manner of service in the world???!!!

You know what?  I’m just gonna admit right here ‘n’ now that this is a pet peeve of mine, and you’ve got my full permission to just skip today’s blog….but could you please just fill out a quick survey down at the bottom?

See?  It’s insidious!

  • “It’ll just take a minute”
  • “Real quick”
  • “Only a couple of questions”
  • “Help us out”

But wait!  Sometimes, Dave, they offer gift cards, or a chance at a prize, or a discount/coupon code for your time and effort.  When’s the last time you EVER used those crumbs they threw at you?  When????  Even if you were lucky enough to win?

No, these are more-often-than-not multinational corporations or holding companies, or equity firms, or conglomerates with YUGE resources to to research on their own.  They’ve already gouged you an obscene price for whatever product/service you bought, but then you’re supposed to give JUST A LITTLE MORE, and offer them some “helpful feedback”.  


These digital masters of commerce have perfected cookies, keystroke logging, and browsing habits...but they want more! They want your time for just a little feedback! Click To Tweet

They already hear everything they need by surreptitiously eavesdropping on all your personal conversations around the house. from your Google Home,  Alexa, or Apple HomePod.  ‘Don’t have one of those home audio devices?  Then believe me they’re listening in on your Smartphone.

These digital masters of commerce have perfected cookies, keystroke logging, and browsing habits…but they want more!  They want your time for just a little feedback!

I’ve just had a long conversation with my insurance company about coverage, and (of course!) before I hang up, “…can you please take a moment for a quick survey about the service you just received…?”

It’s not the service I just received that you need to ask about.  Those poor customer service reps do the best they can.  Why don’t you offer a survey about your inane business practices?  For THAT I would take the time to offer a piece of my mind.

No, fellow voice actors…we’re busy freelancers, and no one is giving us any helpful observations on OUR we are under no obligation to do so for others.  The trend is getting to be intrusive in the extreme.

You could even offer the limp argument that the feedback you provide would perhaps help ABC company to develop a better product/service — and YOU could have an integral part in that process!  

How noble!  How altruistic!!!

Again…we only get scowls when we even CONSIDER asking for a word or two of feedback.  I guess it’s sour grapes…but turnabout is fair play.  You’ll get nothing from me about your product or service until you convince my agent, my clients, and my prospects to take individual time out of their busy day, and make a constructive comment on the audio file I just submitted for your consideration.

We all know THAT’S not going to happen, and on this one, I’m going to stoop to their level, and also say “I don’t have time”.













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