2nd Edition of “More Than Just a Voice…” Now Available!

by | Feb 28, 2020 | More Than Just a Voice

No matter how you decide to go about it, writing and publishing a book is a lot of work, with not a small amount of money involved.

The 2nd edition of my book “More Than Just a Voice, the REAL Secret to Voiceover Success” is now available for public consumption.

It’s been six years since I published the original of the same name.  I figured it was time.

Why?  Because I never stopped writing.

In the six years since the first edition, I continued blogging several times a week.  This new edition represents the best of all that content.  Hundreds of pages of thoughtful reflection on our industry, product reviews, tips for auditioning, advice for building your VO business, links to the best of the web for freelancers, and on and on.

What you will find in this edition is 150+ unique topic chapters and more than 300+ pages of original content.

What you WON’T find is a printed bound copy (unless you print your own).  Rather than give Amazon and Audible (also an Amazon company) another cent…I decided to REALLY self-publish.  You’ll find the book only on my website.  It’s for purchase through PayPal or Stripe.

I’ve  compiled only the most-read articles, and collated them into a unique FlipBook format (also available in a .mobi or epub format).

My web developer, Brett Bumeter, of Softduit Media, a wizard at WordPress website, did so much of the digital back-office legwork, and now it’s available.

I’d recommend you buy the FlipBook version ‘cuz it’s so doggone fun to read.  But it’s the same price regardless:  $25. 

Will that break your budget?  I hope not.  Over six years, I’ve put my heart, soul, and thought into all the content you get for that $25.

You can click on the “My Book” tab at the top of my website, or you can just click HERE to take you to the purchase page.

Let me know if you have ANY problems with the buying experience.  We’ve worked hard with beta-testers to get the bugs out

In the not-too-distant future, I will also have an audio version of the book available (still narrating!).

Thanks for your patronage through the years.  I’ve loved every minute of it!




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