2nd Edition: MTJAV Coming Soon!

by | Dec 2, 2019 | More Than Just a Voice

2014 was an epensive year.  Even though I self-published in print, Kindle, and Audible…even though I went low-budget with some virtual assistant help, I still spent thousands.  Now, 5+ years later, I may have recovered that cost…just maybe.

More Than Just A Voice, The REAL Secret to Voiceover Success was an extension of this blog.  All the best articles from my first 7 years of blogging went into it.

But hey, that was almost 6 years ago, now, and I’ve written all that many more hi-traffic articles since then; articles that are tailor-made for voice actors…”evergreen” advice that can help you with your VO business…’cause that’s ultimately what we’re doing:  FREELANCE VOICEOVER jobs.

In my spare time (heh), I’ve been compiling the 2nd edition of the book.  I’m working with my web developer to go totally digital with this version.

It’ll soon be available on the CourVO.com website, and downloadable in both print (PDF) and an audiobook version.

Here’s my question:  Would you rather have a straight PDF to open in your favorite reader, or would you like the FlipBook version of the PDF available?  Here is a sample Flip Book.

Many of you loyal visitors will recognize chapters of this upcoming book as source material from my blog.

Let me know your preferences in your comments below.










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