Doncha love the euphemisms peppered throughout our language?

“The bottom line…” pops up all the time. 

It has several other twin cousins:

  • “the buck stops here”
  • “at the end of the day”
  • “when all is said and done”
  • “ya gotta draw the line somewhere”
  • “not until the fat lady sings”

There’s a reason why these are such popular finality summary phrases.  People need closure… otherwise the word “whatever!” would suffice.  And “whatever!” is the most throwaway, dismissive term in the English language!

And it’s more than closure…it’s responsibility.  Somebody or something needs to be held accountable, or nothing would get done, would it?

So, the bottom line is that your VO business depends on you taking responsibility, that means that at the end of the day:

  1. success is all yours to enjoy
  2. failure is all yours to analyze
  3. if you don’t do the audition, you DEFINITELY will not get the job
  4. mining for prospects puts the pick-axe in YOUR hand
  5. marketing depends on your discipline
  6. improvement relies on your practice
  7. networking falls on  your shoulders
  8. follow-up is not an option
  9. your freelance business is you
  10. finding the right coach is your choice

In other words, for individual freelance voice actors, the buck really DOES stop with you; and when all is said and done, most people would LOVE to have that kind of control over their lives. 

Go for it!