Just…Vote. OK?

by | Nov 6, 2018 | Op/Ed

The free exchange of ideas on social media can be invigorating and constructive, and it might help you decide on issues…but today is the day to stand on your beliefs.

One vote. 

Your vote.

Find the time.  Make it happen.  Do it.

Think your choice won’t effect your future as a voice actor?  Not true!  Issues like health care, the economy, net neutrality, and global trade disputes are all decided by the people you elect.

I care not what side you’re on.  I care that you exercise this incredible privilege you have.

And when you’re done, sit back with your “I voted” sticker, and listen to Jamie Muffett’s most excellent podcast concerning the WAR ON MISINFORMATION.

He touches on the thorny topics that confront us all, especially newcomers to VO.  Worth a listen!




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