‘Surveyed Out!

by | Oct 11, 2018 | Ruminations

Customer service is important.

So is keeping metrics on quality control.

But have you noticed lately how those two concepts have teamed-up to attack your sensibilities?

You can’t even clip your toenails without SOMEONE asking if you could fill out a (always) quick survey on whether the tension of the clipper handle was satisfactory, and if the chrome finish was chipping or not.

My email box is filled daily with a request for answers to a coupla “quick” questions about whether my bank, or my insurance company, or my Amazon order, or my service call to a vendor met expectations.

Some manage to cough up the possibility of winning a $5 gift certificate (really???…$5…???) in a lottery-style raffle if MY responses happen to have gotten chosen from the 5,324  answers received  Others don’t even bother dangling that minimal compensation carrot.

I try to help when I can, but the old saying “time is money” is always jangling around in my conscience while I watch the progress bar show me how many more questions I have waiting till I’m finished with the survey

Can you imagine if we voice-actors sent such surveys to our agents, or P2P’s, agents, clients or casting directors?


I’ll tell you what MY goal is:  to be so darned good in all my business dealings that end-clients or producers or agents SEEK ME OUT to tell me that the job I did was tops. 

You shouldn’t have to ask.  Be so excellent, that they come to find  YOU, and tell you what a great job you did.


THAT’s my goal.

How ’bout you?




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