What If…

by | Sep 13, 2018 | VO Business

…You’re too close?

“Birds of a feather”… sure, but what if the flock is starting to look a lot the same?

We all know the rule of immersion says that to be a success in your chosen field, you have to drink the water, join the FB group, attend the webinars, travel to the conferences, read the books, and hire the coaches specific to your specialty.

But are those the people who hire you?

Wouldn’t you rather get marketing feedback from the person seeking your talent?  How do they perceive you?  Why did they visit your site?  What drew them to you (or not) in the first place?

By all means, get the coaching, read the books, and attend the seminars that will bring you to a high level of your profession.

But then, leave the flock behind. Be the peacock and get noticed.




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